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Ranger's Legacy Equine Rescue


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My name is Crystel Denton and I am the founder of Ranger's Legacy Equine Rescue (RLER). I named the rescue in honor of a starved horse that I was unable to save.

In November of 2011, I saw "Ranger" standing in a pasture next to a busy highway. He was on the Isleta Indian Reservation property, so their was nothing that could be done at that moment. I left him some hay that had been in the back of my truck, told him I would be back and left him standing by the fence. When I came back later with water, he was climbing up the hill away from the road. Through the course of the next several days, I made many, many phone calls. I talked to some very helpful people and we did all we could to get to him in time. The Isleta Conservation Officers (or Rangers as they are also called) were very concerned and helpful. They told me that the horse had been abandoned on their property approximately 2 weeks before I saw him. They had tried to catch him a number of times but were not able to and as the horse was on approximately 300 acres that butted up to over thousands of acres, there was no telling where he was at any given time. Each time they saw him, he appeared to be doing better. Unbeknownst to them, all the natural water sources on the acreage he was calling home were drying up so, not only was a food source scarce, but his access to water was quickly disappearing.

While working with the Conservation Officers to get permission to take my horses on to their property to find "Ranger", I also went out every day to check his food and fill the water tank that I had left for him. Unfortunately, he never made it to the food or water and I never saw him alive again after that first contact.

On the morning I was to find him and take him home, we found him dead on the trail heading to the place I had first seen him. The place I left him food and water. This poor horse didn't have the strength anymore to make it any farther. We named him Ranger in honor of his perseverance and also for the Rangers that had been so helpful.

Because of him, we created this new organization in the hopes that, instead of abandoning a domesticated horse to fend for himself, those that are not able to care for their horses anymore will have a place to take them.

RLER rescues abandoned, misunderstood, unwanted, abused, neglected and starved horses. We are a small organization and we rely on the donations of others and the efforts of volunteers to help these horses.

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